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When should I visit Permanence 21?

For any urgent health problems which allow you to visit us directly and/or accompanied. Advance notification is not necessary.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us first.

Can I submit the Permanence 21 bill to my health insurer?

Yes, the services provided by Permanence 21 are recognized by health and accident insurers.

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How do I pay for treatment if I'm a Swiss resident?

After the first consultation, Permanence 21 sends the bill to your home by post. Please settle the required amount within 30 days. You can also settle the bill direectly at the cash desk; we accept EC, post office and credit cards as well as cash.

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How do I pay for treatment if I'm not a Swiss resident?

Patients not resident in Switzerland can pay for treatment provided by Permanence 21 using EC, post office and credit cards or Swiss currency. 

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Is treatment here more expensive than in other practices or in hospital?

Our staff calculate the costs in accordance with the official TARMED rates using emergency-inconvenience flat rates A, B and D. Due to the nature of the infrastructure, this is lower than for treatment in a hospital accident and emergency unit.

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I require further treatment after my medical emergency treatment. Can I change to my own family doctor?

Yes. Permanence 21 even makes a report to the patient's family doctor after every emergency treatment and cultivates cooperation with family doctors, consultants and clinics, considering itself an extension of their activities. On request, our staff will be happy to provide every patient with a short report intended for the attending doctor.

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What patients does Permanence 21 treat?

Permanence 21 treats all patients, irrespective of their health insurance scheme. In the event of acute health problems, any resident of the city and region of Baden, people on business or holiday and weekend visitors can also contact the doctor's practice at Bruggerstrasse 21, 5400 Baden.

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What cases does Permanence 21 treat?

The Permanence 21 emergency unit and general practice treats any patient with urgent health problems of any kind, irrespective of their health insurance company. It provides the following services in the fields of general and internal medicine:

  • Emergency treatment
  • General medicine
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Ultrasound
  • Radiography
  • Gynaecology
  • ECG
  • Pulmonary functions
  • Wound treatment, wound monitoring
  • Medical travel advice / vaccinations
  • Minor surgery


If necessary, the doctor may refer the patient to a consultant or the hospital.

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Whom can I contact out of hours?

For out-of-hours care, Permanence 21 refers patients to its external partners (see emergency numbers).

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Permanence 21

Notfall- und Hausarztpraxis

Bruggerstrasse 21

5400 Baden


056 222-1822


Office hours

Monday to Thursday

8am to 5pm

and by personal arrangement 



10am to 2pm


Friday and Sunday




Reserved parking spaces for patients are available behind the building.